Important Stuff

Preparing for your tan just follow the steps below ensuring the best results. 



  • SHOWER, SHAVE & EXFOLIATE. We recommend Infinity Sun’s
    non-abrasive chemical exfoliate because harsh gritty products can lead to an uneven tan. (Do this within the 24 hours before your tan)
  • REMOVE ALL MAKEUP PRIOR TO YOUR SESSION. We have a little set up supplied with makeup remover & facial cleanser if needed.
  • DO NOT APPLY DEODERANT OR PERFUME. These products can cause a barrier between your skin and the bronzer creating an uneven splotchy tan. We have wipes for your skin to remove any residue. 
  • WEAR A LOOSE DRESS & FLIP FLOPS. Make sure nothing is rubbing your skin after your spray tan. Even a purse strap can take away the spray. Check out one of our favorite dresses in our Shop area "must haves"

After your spray tan;

    waiting twelve hours before taking a shower or four when you do the rapid bronzer for the best results.   
  • AVOID CHLORINATED POOLS & SPAS. The water treatments can fade your tan. If you will be in chlorine use a cream sunscreen to avoid fading. 
  • AVOID HIGH ALCOHOL BODY CLEANSERS. We recommend Infinity Sun's Phydra-Luxe Optimizing Wash. Some body washes will make the tan look like sunburn peeling, not the best look. 
  • HYDRATE YOUR SKIN DAILY. You must use a low alcohol moisturizer to maintain your tan. Infinity Sun’s Extender Lotion provides long lasting results!
  • TOUCH UP AS NEEDED. Use our Infinity Sun “Glow-On-The-Go” in spray or mousse for touch-ups between sessions. 


Cancellation, Deposit and Refund Policy

We want you to LOVE your services, your technician, your products & your Healthy Glow Studio experience.
We'll confirm your appointment two days before as a reminder. If you need to change your scheduled appointment, we ask you give us the courtesy of 24 hours' notice. If you fail to give 24 hours' notice for any two scheduled appointments within 6 months or repeatedly move appointments day to day, you will be required to secure future appointments with a 50% deposit, which will be discounted from your total at checkout. This deposit is non-refundable in the event you do not attend your scheduled appointment.
Damaged product refunds will be in form of a store credit &/or exchanged for Infinity Sun products in studio. 

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