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Why Sunless Tanning?

Over the years sunless tanning has had a reputation of being orange, streaky, and unnatural. With new technology and formulations sunless tanning is taking the tanning industry by storm. Tanning beds and laying out in the sun have harsh long lasting effects. For example, by just tanning one time in a bed you increase your chance of melanoma by 75%; that is a lot! In our studio we use the best of the best products; Infinity Sun. First we like to start with the balancing base. This base has anti-aging, PH balancing, and moisturizing ingredients that ensure a streak free tan. Next we move on to our bronzer that is carefully curated by the best in California. With pink undertones you will leave bronzed with a hint of pink to give you the appearance of laying out in the sun! We would love to hear from you...
What have your experiences been like with sunless tanning? What are your concerns about sunless tanning? Have you ever been tanned by a professional or just a booth? Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

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